When do I need to seek a car towing service in Melbourne?

When do I need to seek a car towing service in Melbourne?

It is common in our daily life that there is something going wrong when driving on the road, so we need roadside assistance. Roadside assistance refers to the emergency rescue of vehicles on the road, which provides on-site services to the owners of broken-down vehicles. Towing service is one kind of roadside assistance that can get your car back as soon as possible. It is important for every driver to understand when to seek car towing services in Melbourne in case of any misfunction of cars.

Changing the tires of the vehicle

If your vehicle cannot drive normally due to a damaged or flat tire, you need the “vehicle replacement” service in the roadside assistance program to assist you in replacing the tire. Generally, you need to use the spare tire on your vehicle for replacement. What are the precautions for vehicle spare tires? Firstly, your spare tires cannot be used as common tires, and spare tires should be tested regularly; Secondly, oil products and spare tires are not put together; The last one is to check the speed limit of the spare tire before driving. If you do not know how to replace the tire or there is no spare tire in your car, you can seek car towing services. Maningham Towing can not only help vehicle transportation but can also provide on-site help, minimizing the stress of the event and potentially the need for a tow.

Having car accidents

What do you need to call for a car towing service when you have a car accident? The point is to see if this car can still drive normally. If your car has the following issues, please contact the vehicle towing services as soon as possible.

Antifreeze leaks

Antifreeze is used to cool the engine. After the engine loses the protection of the antifreeze, it will quickly accelerate wear due to poor heat dissipation, causing cylinder pulling or even cylinder explosion. Therefore, no matter what the accident is, if you see traces of antifreeze on the ground or in the engine compartment after a crash, you must be careful. Once the antifreeze leaks too much, you must call a trailer to protect the engine.

Engine oil/gearbox oil is leaking

Engine oil and manual gearbox oil play the role of lubricating the mechanical parts of the engine and gearbox, and automatic gearbox oil also plays the role of transmitting power and cooling. If the engine oil pan, gearbox, etc. are injured in the accident, it is necessary to consider whether it will affect their normal operation. For the sake of caution, it is best to spend some money to call for car towing at this time.

Engine/gearbox damage

The three major parts of a car are the engine, gearbox, and chassis. If one of the engines and gearbox is broken, the car will lose power.

Broken axle

The part that connects the body and the wheel in the car is called the suspension. If this part is interrupted in an accident, it is what we commonly call the “broken shaft”. If a car crash causes a “broken axle”, then the wheels cannot support the body as normal, and there is no way to drive the car forward.

Brake issue

If the brakes of the vehicle fail, it is more dangerous to drive this type of vehicle on the road. What’s more, the Road Traffic Law originally stipulated that drivers should drive vehicles that meet safety standards on the road. Therefore, if the vehicle loses the brakes after an accident, then it is necessary to call a towing truck for rescue currently.
Car safety is very important to drivers, but there are many parts to the car. Even if the quality of the car is good, some parts of the car are likely to have problems and endanger the car after a long time of use. Besides, car misfunction and accidents are inevitable on the road. Maningham Towing is a reputed and reliable towing service provider in Melbourne. We are capable of providing fast and professional emergency roadside towing service all day long. Feel free to call us for a quote.


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