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Have you ever found yourself in an accident and realise that your car is completely wrecked and cannot be driven? Whilst we all want to avoid accidents or collisions, sometimes it happens to even the best of us. Whether your car cannot be driven, or you are still recovering from a stressful moment, you should call on the professionals to tow your car safely and efficiently.

Accident Towing Services Dandenong

Maningham Accident Towing provides services in Dandenong and interstate 24/7, 7 days a week in an efficient, safe, reliable, and professional manner when towing your vehicle after it has been in an accident.

When Should you Call a Towing Service Dandenong?

In the event of an accident or motor vehicle collision, aside from prioritising you and the other party’s safety, you should call a car towing service when the vehicle itself cannot be driven or if you or the other party are recovering from the strenuous moment.

It is within your best interest to have a reliable and registered car towing service Dandenong that is efficient and safe which will move your damaged vehicle that is not only obstructing oncoming traffic but also removes it as a road safety hazard for other drivers.

Why Should you Call a Dandenong Towing Service?

Please do not attempt to tow or get others to help, a licensed tow truck company with proper registration vehicle must be used. To identify such vehicles, they will have a ‘TOW’ or ‘HTT’ number plate. Drivers of such vehicles must also be accredited to demonstrate their technical competence who will act with integrity whilst operating in a safe and efficient manner.
Our vehicles and drivers are all accredited and properly licensed under the Accident Towing Services Dandenong Regulation 2008.

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Accidents are sometimes unavoidable, even the best drivers get into accidents . Nobody wants to be in an accident. Regardless of what time it is, wherever you are in Dandenong, Maningham Towing are always here for you and willing to help you in the event of an accident. We will always operate in an efficient, safe, and professional manner acting in your best interest.

For any accidents feel free to contact us 0422 701 118.

24/7 Breakdown Towing

No matter what time it is, breakdowns or accidents can happen to the best of anybody. Maningham Towing prides itself in its ability to be available to you and to the community for its 24/7 availability. If you find yourself in a sudden breakdown or accident, feel free to contact us 0422 701 118. We will always operate in an efficient, safe, and professional manner acting in your best interest.

Local, Country and Interstate

Maningham Towing provides its services to not only Metropolitan Melbourne but also countryside and interstate. If you happen to need a car towing service and are not in Melbourne, feel free to contact us 0422 701 118 and see how we can help you.

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